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In Jan 2013 the Cavalier system went down, I work at home so this cost me money, I kept calling to see if the system came back up. Finally I called another phone and internet company they came out on Jan 13th 2013 and set up everything, I did a voice change over that day and everything.

Now waiting for Cavalier to release my number, they held on to the number so long that I had to do anyone still in Jan 2013, meanwhile they still sent me a bill for Jan and Feb 2013. I called and called they did not want to hear what I had to say, or understand my side as a customer, I even said to them maybe someone dropped the ball, but why am I paying the cost, they still did not care at all the wanted the money from me, for service they did not provid. I contacted the BBB and still cavalier/windstream manager, did not do a thing or cared, even after I told her that I have a contract from the new company that my service was installed on Jan 13th 2013,I signed for on that day. I faxed it many times, she claims "she could not read it", and said to me "it does not matter, it does not change a thing".

They are a heart less, money sucking company, that has no idea what "customer service" mean.

I advice to anyone that wants you use Cavalier or Windsteam, DO NOT USE THEM. They will take advantage of you.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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